Hello World

after thinking about starting this blog for ages and doing “research”, trying to find out how to start this off but really consisted of me having fun looking at everyone’s lovely blogs, i realized i don’t really know the “best” way. maybe that’s because there is no “best” way.

so here’s my way:

hello world. this is me. i’m mandie and i love (yep! you guessed it!) sugar, spice, and everything nice.

describing myself would be just putting words here, and people are deeper than that.

but anyway, i can’t resist. i will tell you that i’m a high school sophomore who loves the world and the diverse people in it.

unfortunately, i’ve run into some unusual circumstances in my normaltown, USA life. i’m currently recovering from a significant weight loss due to high stress. lucky for me, the stress is being removed and i’m recovering from that and the weight loss. and even better, i love adore food. yes, i’m what you’d call a foodie, and a vegetarian at that.

but more on that later. let’s get onto the eats!

27 October Snobby Joes

can you say yummy? i’m mmm-ing just remembering how good this dinner was.

since this probably looks pretty nondescript (don’t worry, i’m taking photography next semester so i’ll learn), i should mention that it’s a recipe i made from Veganomicon. they’re called “snobby joes” and are a recipe that even non-vegans would like must try. yes, of course i went back for seconds!

and check out that ezekiel bread below! if you haven’t tried ezekiel bread yet, i can gaurentee that you’ll never go back to normal bread again after toasting up some of this baby.

oh, there’s some purple cauliflower on the side, too. no, i didn’t eat the whole head like that, silly! but as you’ll soon learn, cauliflower and broccoli are consumed by me very often and in quantities resembling this, if not more! hehe. gotta love them veggies :).

have a great day, all of you in blog world! just remember: sugar&&spice make everything nice.




p.s. i couldn’t start my own blog without mentioning the wonderful and inspiring maya and eliza. i’ve read their blogs and followed them through recovery which they’ve been very determined for. and even when i’m having a bad day and feel like giving up, their words show me that anything is possible if i  just believe in myself. and that’s true beauty right there to be able to portray that. thanks, girlies, for being so encouraging, even when you’re feeling that this journey is hard and for always pushing on.


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